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Your DSR will be more productive and your foodservice operation more profitable
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The entrée.DSR software module is designed to run on a standard Windows based laptop. It will make the job of your salespeople easier, while making your foodservice operation more profitable. Your DSR's (Distributor Sales Representatives) will be more productive as your customer relationships drastically improve.

The purpose behind our creation of entrée.DSR, was to provide an extension of your entrée software, which would run on a laptop or netbook computer, to give your DSR’s the tools they need, without having to be connected to your company’s server.

Main Features :

- Your DSR's are no longer simply order takers.
- Quickly enter customer orders with our "standard order process".
- DSR's can optionally view gross profit as order is entered.
- DSR's can see commission increase/decrease as prices are adjusted.
- Eliminates office errors on order from miscommunication.
- Eliminates time for office staff to key in orders.
- Pass on special instructions to the office and warehouse.
- View detailed customer buying habits.
- View latest inventory on hand quantities.
- Remind customers about products that should be ordered.
- Produce on-the-spot quotations and credit memos.
- Review the customers outstanding accounts receivable.
- Generate Price Lists
- Generate Customer Aging Reports

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